This is a hub for news,videos and a marketplace about Home Energy Storage. It’s a different form of energy in a new era of going green by going solar and using clean energy such as battery energy storage for electric vehicles. Most people start with the idea of buying an EV to commute without pollution. Then they realize there is great benefit in having a way of producing their own clean electricity to charge the electric car and respond to energy outage. Without knowing it, they become Solar ambassadors. By example they introduce the idea of Home Energy Storage to other potential solar ambassadors. Here is a well known fact in the Home Energy-storage industry you may not know:

A typical Home Energy Storage messenger  has a solar roof, and home energy storage battery unit to store the energy from the sun to use for charging electric vehicle. Homeowners get their solar energy for free. Let’s introduce you to solar. Explore a future of Home Energy Storage with limitless potential.

 Why Solar & Home Energy Storage?

 Three really good reasons why you should go solar. We’re pretty sure that solar is right for you.
 Don’t just take our word for it, explore the benefits below.

Utility rates continue to rise.

Electricity prices have continued to increase unpredictably over time.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more accepted.

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